This is Skybliss24 Radio! The airwaves just got hijacked!


This is your one and only sanctified Christian internet Radio station. We are simply here to make a difference and to infuse the airwaves with bliss. Our vision is to make manifest the savor of the knowledge of divinity upon humanity.


Things just got switched!


Skybliss24 Radio broadcasts live on air and also preprogrammed 24 hours of the 365 days of the year.


Feel free to give us your feedbacks as we hope to exceed your expectations. This is who we are and what we believe in.

Happy listening!!!


We are here to give a total new impetus and dimension to gospel broadcast. We are here simply to redefine gospel broadcast ......TO GLOBALIZE THE LOCAL AND TO LOCALIZE THE GLOBAL!  Shi ya nje!




Skybliss 24 Radio will have live and programmed broadcast and rebroadcast schedules to reach all from the South pole to the North Pole and outer space wherever there is internet signal reception/

Ministries and Churches are welcomed to partner and broadcast through this platform. Make it your own Station of bliss. Things are really going to blow your mind away!

  infusing the airwaves with bliss!

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